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from: White Plains, NY
Genre: Blues Rock/Classic Rock/Rock


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LBW Biography
Milan Karunaratne (Drums/Bass/Vocals)
Sheehan Perera (Drums/Bass/Vocals)
Kushan Karunaratne (Guitar)
Dan Mancini (Guitar/Vocals)
Ed Massena (Drums)

Long time friends of Real Magic TV, L.B.W. (Leg Before Wicket) is a vibrant new sound in the music buisness consisting of five young men from White Plains, New York whose sole ambition is to simply conquer the music industry with melody-driven songs lush with harmonies, and flavored with the prominent taste of that tortured driven soul of classic blues.

Having started their careers in local bars from WP, and moving into the college circuit, their scortching versions of covers of Clapton, Zeppelin, and Cream are infused with their own signature trademark of brilliant playing and prowess. They have stroked a new blend of color upon the palette of blues with original songs like 'Woke Up This Morning,' 'There She Goes,' and 'Two Hours Ago,' all of which, while interspersed in there set of classic covers, stand up on their own with pillars of infectious grooves and mesmerizing songcraft.

Three members of L.B.W. originate from Sri-Lanka, with one being the son of Sri-Lankan legend and musical virtuoso Rukshan Perera. 'Performing our music serves as a wonderful opportunity for us to do the thing we love and have a passion for,' says Milan. With much humility, this band of young classic blues-rock fans forges on to embark on their own path in the Americas.
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