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Sandeep Raval

Sandeep Raval

from: London UK
Genre: World, Jazz


Sandeep Raval Featured Videos
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Sandeep Raval: Mosaic In Motion
A high Octane Performance by Sandeep Raval. Sandeep Raval is a versatile multi instrumentalist. He is best known for composing and 'conceptualizing' performances around symphonic and world music instruments.

Sandeep Raval Biography
Sandeep Raval (drum/multi percussions)
Heath Randall (bass)
Jacob Stoney (keys)
Mahesh Vinayakram (vocal)
Steve O'Gorman (Sax)

Mosaic In Motion is a High Octane Performance by Sandeep Raval

Mosaic: 'a combination of diverse elements forming a more or less coherent whole'. When used to describe music it's a strong word, and only really suits something very special.

For Sandeep Raval it's fitting to say the least. He straddles genres from Indian folk to Intelligent Dance Music.

And with Mosaic In Motion, he shows a deft production hand by bringing seemingly disparate parts together.

A convergence of sound and place, just don't call it a fusion!.

5/7 piece band showcasing a range of unusual instruments featuring tracks from his latest CD 'Mosaic In Motion'.
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